no makeup

Some people don’t feel comfortable wearing makeup every time they go out, like when you go to the gym, beach, shopping or sometimes work, because you don’t want people judging you for wearing too much makeup. But at the same time you don’t feel comfortable without wearing any makeup so it’s a big issue for almost all the girls out there. So today I’m going to tell you how to get a nice natural makeup look just by using the right products and techniques.

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

The first and most important step to a natural looking luminous skin is “skin care”. Yes that’s right. Before starting off make sure your skin is deeply cleansed. I usually use a toner or cleansing milk to clean my skin with a cotton pad, and make sure there is no dirt or makeup on your face. After that you can use a day cream or a good moisturizer suitable to your skin, to give your skin a nice natural glow, I prefer the day cream because it not only gives the skin a natural glow but also protects and hydrates the skin and gives it nourishment throughout the day.

Moving on, Primer is a very important product, it’s best to use a good branded primer which is silicon free and helps hide your pores, moisturizes your skin and helps your makeup last longer. If you have blemishes or spots on your face I prefer you use a good blemish buster cream before applying a primer. Apply all the products with your fingers to make sure they blend in really well to give you an organic look.

Step 2: Step off Base

Skip your everyday heavy foundations and base, instead use a fine organic SPF BB tinted moisturizer and mix it with a bronzer for a more natural and tan look. Make sure the shade of the foundation matches your body color if it’s too light mix it up with a darker color, or a bronzer until it matches your body color. Apply gently and smooth it out with your fingers, make sure you use a small amount, don’t overdo it. Cover up your spots with a mac natural shade concealer.

makeup base

Note: If you want to have a “no makeup” makeup look you’re going to have some flaws, embrace them don’t try to cover them up completely because that’s when it’s a dead giveaway.

Moving on, if you have under eye bags that you’re really self-conscious about than cover them up with a BB under eye mouse which is again a very pure product for your skin.

You can totally leave the skin like this and move on to your eyes but if you’re eager and want to put some cheek products on, then go ahead and put a bit of a bronzer or blush on your cheeks with your finger and mix it up.

Step 3: Eyebrows and Eyes

Its best that you leave your eyebrows the way they are, but if you think they’re not in a proper shape, pick an eyebrow pomade or an eyebrow pencil slightly lighter than your original eyebrow color and shape them up nicely but don’t overdo them. And in the end use a thick mascara but the one which is not very runny and a bit dry. Take it underneath the lashes and wiggle at the base and just pull away so you don’t get the product at the end of your lashes, giving your lashes a refined look.

Pro Tip: If you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter use an inner rim brighter and apply to your inner rim.